S6E10 - Relate + Elevate 69: Latina Podcasters + Founder Rita Bautista


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In Episode 69 you’ll meet Rita Bautista the Founder of Latina Podcasters, the first and only global podcast network committed solely to amplifying the voices of Latinas and Latinx mujeres. Learn how she created a podcasting community where there wasn’t one for her. Follow on Instagram @latinapodcasters and see the amazing list of Latina Podcasters on the directory. If you have a podcast or will launch one soon, join the Latina Podcasters Network. You can find Rita’s podcasts, Empowerment & All That and Empodera Latina, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Visit GM Strategist website to learn some business strategy tips and self-care activities on my blog. Contact me giselmartin9@gmail.com to work with me and sign up for one GM Strategist online workshops. Follow me on Instagram @giselsworld and on Facebook @gmstrategist ...and please rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast!

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