How to NAVIGATE Relationship Problems Caused By SOCIAL MEDIA Usage | Tom Bilyeu & Lisa Bilyeu


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Do you have rules of engagement on social media as a couple? Having open communication is a common theme and the foundation for the success of Tom and Lisa’s 20+ years together. Being able to share with your partner how you feel about posting things that involve you and the relationship, or things that may indirectly include you is necessary. Tom and Lisa explore areas of posting you’ll want to consider. Being open-minded in the beginning of the relationship and actively seeking what your partner’s worldview of social media is will be critical for you to have a healthy relationship. Being a long-lasting happy couple starts with communication, respect, and thoughtfulness about what your partner is okay with both on social media and in everyday life.
Relationship Theory with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu encourages healthy, loving, life long relationships. Whether you are fresh out of your last relationship, on a break, taking time to heal from a breakup, or looking for ways to strengthen the romance and bond in your current relationship, Tom and Lisa are sharing their 20 years of experience. They’re taking questions and giving relationship advice that will enhance all of your relationships.
Attention | Lisa on why Tom’s attention and not feeling neglected is important [0:41]
Posting Rules | Having conversation about what gets posted together or apart [2:55]
Respect | How to tactfully navigate posting and honoring your partner’s requests [7:42]
Worldview | Your partner may have different worldview of social media and it’s okay [9:57]
The Question | Tom explains the most important question to ask about worldview [11:26]
Changing Views | You can’t expect your partner’s view to change about social media [15:51]
“Their worldview of social media is completely different. They seem like an alien to me, and I probably seem like an alien to them.” Lisa Bilyeu [10:11]
“Don't judge them for doing something that may seem completely bizarre to you because they may not realize it's bizarre.” Lisa Bilyeu [11:17]
“It is entirely crazy to me that people will give up things that they're deeply passionate about, because it doesn't jive with that other person.” [11:47] Tom Bilyeu

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