RFP Podcast Episode #212 – Ultra Dad’s Session #23 – “People are fuel!”


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What is happiness? Last week Bryan came across this YouTube, Joe Rogan clip – “How to be truly happy?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNIHL-6l7b0&feature=youtu.be After we watched we both thought it would be great to dissect a bit. A number of great nuggets to dive into and we did just that. Couple things we pulled out in addition to what we discuss: Seek lessons and difficult tasks. Camaraderie Love Family Friendship Struggle Testing Yourself Learning “Most men lead lives out of quiet desperation.” Henry David Thoreau Prior to recording during the process of making dinner, Bryan enjoyed an old reliable, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. During the show he went non-alcoholic with Athletic Brewing’s Run Wild IPA. Mike stayed true to AZ and nabbed another Mother Road, what he believes is new but maybe not, the enjoyable Limited Visibility Hazy IPA. The RFP Ultra Dad’s Podcast is sponsored by Time on the Trails – delivering you a customized experience out on the trails in Arizona and beyond. Please visit us at www.tottaz.com and on social media via IG, FB, TW & LI. Keep an eye open for the Ultra Dad’s Instagram account @ #ultra_dads. How’d we get here? The Ultra Dad’s Podcast came from an idea Cindy Shane created. Well, she planted the idea in our head after listening to the first time Bryan was on the RFP Podcast in May 2020. There have many times over the years when we speak on the phone or in person the “we should be recording this” line comes out. Well, here we are jumping in with both feet, like we tend to do, sharing with you our perspectives on life. Let’s be candid – we are not perfect, and we fail often. Our favorite term to use is “it’s not ideal” and there have been countless times we’ve uttered, “a plan is great until you are punched in the face;” – but we do laugh a lot, at ourselves and/or each other mostly 😊. All that said, there are those brief moments where things tend to fall into place and we, somehow, make it to that finish line – as ultrarunners yes, but most importantly has husbands, fathers, friends, and human beings. We wanted to share those imperfections and those incredible moments that we’ve been fortunate enough to experience together over the last 30+ years. So, sit back, grab a cold one, and hopefully this will be another time where things fall into place. Bryan & Mike

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