Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 19: 3D traps


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In today’s episode, Sara continues her Matrix Series. We’ve covered the different matrices and what they entail, now we go a little deeper and look at the less obvious: the traps. We’ll start with the 3D and dive right into the ‘Divide and Conquer’ tactics being used blatantly in the current 3D environment. Sara also touches on a few other traps to notice. By bringing awareness to these traps, we learn to navigate the 3D without falling victim to it.

5:58 Sara sheds some light on the Master Controllers and how they feel as if we’re pawns in their 3D matrix

10:33 Our educational system has always been an area of discussion, she goes into more about why our traps often start there

12:09 Sara explains why the everyday labels we use, that oftentimes are personal, are designed to also serve as a trap to limit & disempower humanity

35:48 Did you know sex scenes in entertainment are designed to drain you of your precious sexual energy?! Sara shares her perspective on this topic.

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