Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 24: 5D Traps


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In today’s episode, Sara will be talking about 5D traps. That's right, the elusive 5D traps. To recap, 3D traps work primarily through the body and 4D traps work through the mind. To take it up a notch, 5D traps go straight for the soul, no middleman needed. They can be elusive because most people who have transcended the 3D and the 4D, aren’t going to fall so easily for those types of traps, however the 5D mixes a lot of Light and truth into its traps so their danger or pitfalls can be easily missed.

Key Ideas:

Sara talks about how the 5D is a straight shot to the soul.

Lightworkers, empaths, Indigos, Starseeda, evolving humans, and all other titles for those on Team Light are especially susceptible to 5D illusions and Sara gives us insight on red flags to be aware of.

Sara talks about claiming your sovereignty and making it a daily practice as an organic defense mechanism to all traps. Light obliterates dark and there is never anything to fear when you're conscious and aware.

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