Renegade Revolution Radio Episode 31: Sleep State


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In this episode, Sara will share her insights on what our consciousness does during sleep from a multidimensional perspective.

She will explain what it means to be physically tired with a racing mental state that may be fighting rest. She is addressing this because there is a war on consciousness currently happening and protecting our sleep state is more important than ever before. She’ll address our dreams and how we can use them to move forward in the 3D, 4D, 5D and beyond. This episode comes highly requested after the mind-blowing revelations Sara shared on episode #28 Ascension Energies 2.2022.

Key Ideas:

Sara tells a story about a snake dream.

She explains how we’re starting to collectively break through the system and that throws red flags.

She offers insight on how to have your sleep serve you instead of enslave you.

Removing dark energy and using prayer & intention setting can deeply impact your energy and sleep state.

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