EP258 How He Went from Zero to 400 Units by Converting Owners into Sellers, with Sterling White


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What does it take to find off-market deals and convert the owners of these properties into sellers? My guest today is going to help answer that question. Sterling White is a multifamily investor who specializes in value-add apartments in Indianapolis and other midwestern markets. In just under 10 years he’s created a $19 Million portfolio through his company Sonder Investment Group.

Sterling is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, Philanthropist, Speaker, Podcast Host & Mentor. He’s also the author of the book “From Zero to 400 Units” and hosts “The Real Estate Experience Podcast”.

Today Sterling is going to explain what it means to overcome limiting beliefs and the three major steps he took in his life to overcome those beliefs, how he approaches owners directly and converts them into sellers, and the art of the follow-up and how it’s helped him get to that all important ‘yes’. Sterling is also going to share the decision that cost him $1Million, and how you can avoid making that same mistake.

I know you’re going to enjoy this episode with Sterling. You can find out more about him in the following ways:

Instagram: SterlingWhiteOfficial


Sterling was also previously a guest on episode #163

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