EP271 Go 100% Remote with Your Real Estate using Systems, Apps, Virtual Assistants, and Boots-On-The-Ground with Jon Huber


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Imagine being able to control your rental property and real estate business from anywhere in the world. My guest today has figured out how to do just that.

Jon Huber is a self-proclaimed “techie” who uses his formal training in data and analytics as his competitive edge in real estate analysis. Jon’s rental portfolio spans from Los Angeles to South Florida, to Kansas City. He’s recently completely systematized his operations to be 100% remote, allowing him to control his 120-unit portfolio and conduct his direct mail campaigns from anywhere in the world.

Today we’re going to discuss how Jon has accomplished systematizing his processes. From the ‘boots-on-the-ground’ resources he has in Kansas City, to the Virtual Assistants he’s trained to handle his direct mail campaign and social media, to the apps that he’s using to streamline those processes even further, Jon has set up a system that will allow him to 10X in size.

Jon also shares the analysis he used to determine what market he wanted to invest in, as well as some tricks he uses to increase his direct mail response rate.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Jon and pick up some great tips and ideas along the way. You can contact Jon through Instagram @ domuinvestments or www.domuinvestments.com.

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