EP261 How He Created 72 Streams of Multiple Income with Bryan Miller


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My guest today could be called ‘prolific’ in many different ways. First of all, he’s an accomplished Film Composer in Los Angeles who has created music for many popular movies and tv shows. He’s also prolific in his Real Estate Investing in that he’s created 72 Streams of Income and enjoys his share of the cash-flow from over 25,000 rental units consisting of Single Family Rentals, Apartments, Self Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Retail Shopping Centers, and Notes.

Bryan Miller is an Investor, Developer, and Film Composer. In his 16 years of Real Estate Investing Experience he’s Flipped over 20 homes in multiple markets, raised over $7 Million in private money, and he’s currently building 46 Single Family Homes and 58 Rental Units in Los Angeles.

Today, Bryan is going to share how he built those 72 streams of income, starting with the single family rental he purchased in Los Angeles and the 19 Phoenix AZ Condos he bought during the great recession at huge discounts. We’ll also learn about the passive investing he’s done in other people’s syndications, as well as the development projects he’s raising capital for in the LA area.

I know you’re going to enjoy this conversation with Bryan. You can contact him through his website: https://capitalstackinvestments.com

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