EP263 Legal, Title, and Property Challenges In Real Estate Investing and How To Fix Them, with Dickie Baldwin


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Real Estate Investing can present many challenges that both new and seasoned investors find difficult to overcome. If you’re investing out-of-state, it might be difficult to get a broker price opinion, title search, or secure a property that has gone vacant.

In my own business, we quite often need someone to mow the lawn on an REO, or help us create a Dodd Frank compliant mortgage. More often than not, we find ourselves needing to ‘cure’ a title defect on a non-performing note.

These are all complicated tasks that are either time-consuming or outside our area of expertise. That’s why it’s so important to have a ‘guy’ who can handle it.

Dickie Baldwin is that guy, and through his company, Baldwin Advisory Group, he helps investors all over the country with many types of legal, property, title, and financing challenges. Dickie has over 35 years of Real Estate experience as a Realtor, Loan Originator and Mortgage Professional. He’s solved many problems for investors, and he’s here to share some of those stories with us.

Dickie will be discussing the importance of due diligence, why you need a reputable broker to create your BPO (Broker Price Opinion), why a Title Search is always a good idea, and many of the other considerations investors must make while investing across state borders.



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