EP265 His First Syndication and How He Went From a Duplex to a 76-Unit Apartment Complex with Lee Fjord


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My guest today just completed his first syndication on a 76-unit apartment complex in St. Louis, Missouri, right in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

Lee Fjord got his start in property management and began investing for himself in 2016. Through the Power of Partnerships he’s done a series of joint ventures and has built his portfolio up to 124 doors. Today he’s going to share the up’s and down’s of his investing trajectory.

Lee has a decades-worth of experience as a Property Manager, Commercial Leasing Agent, Asset Manager, and Commercial Property Broker. In today’s conversation Lee shares the mistakes he made on rehabbing his first duplex, why you should never accept the lowest bid from a contractor, how he partnered with an ex-NFL player to acquire 37 units, and the reasons he ended up syndicating his 76-unit apartment complex.

I know you’re going to benefit greatly from listening to Lee’s story. He very methodically built a portfolio that’s positioned to expand rapidly. You can find out more about Lee or contact him by going to:


or facebook or Instagram @lee.fjord

Today’s episode is brought to you by Green Property Management, managing everything from single family homes to apartment complexes in the West Michigan area.


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