EP276 The Math They Should Be Teaching in School and Non-Performing Notes with The Canadian Note Guy Nathan Turner


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My guest today is known to the world as “the Canadian Note Guy”. After running several businesses including Fix & Flip Real Estate, he discovered notes in 2009 and has since become an industry leader in the private investment sector.

His company is Earnest Inc, where he actively manages assets with a focus on non-performing 1st lien mortgages and contract for deeds in the U.S.

Nathan’s specialties include raising private capital, analyzing assets, and developing systems and strategies to accommodate an ever-changing market. He’s successfully bought and sold hundreds of loans and properties.

Today Nathan is going to introduce us to the note investing world, explain the differences between a qualifying mortgage, contract for deed, and land contract, and walk us through the math on how to analyze the returns on a note and the data points an investor must know to be successful.

Nathan also shares some great stories of his successes and challenges, including a buckling basement that caused a buyer to back out of one of his deals. You can contact Nathan by email: nathan@canadiannoteguy.com

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