[BONUS] Jack's Scrumpy Little Friendly Neighborhood Birthday Bracket (with Barm & Jason Butze)


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A birthday just isn’t a birthday unless you spend it talking at length about Deep Space Nine characters with your buddies! (I guess most of our birthdays haven’t been birthdays… that’s gloomy…) Luckily for us, there are enough fascinating characters on Deep Space Nine that we could load two completely different brackets, and still have some left over. So to celebrate the anniversary of Jack’s birth (as well as that of StarMom TechnoBarbara, and president-elect Joe Biden), the RTW team has gathered two of their favorite recurring guests to have big, long discussions about things like what Nicolas Cage as Moogie would be like, what Gowron would be like as a Thanksgiving guest, and how Grand Nagus Zek would fit into the Guardians of the Galaxy. They also take a quick dip into some listener mail, and go off the rails in all sorts of ways. Even if you can’t be there in Japan to celebrate Jack’s birthday in person, you can vicariously enjoy the nerdy discussions that made this birthday bash a night to remember!

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