Food security


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This podcast is a four-part series on how women have been affected by the COVID19 pandemic in London, Ontario, hosted by Dr. Lauretta Frederking, vice president and academic dean at Brescia UniversityCollege.In this episode, Dr. Frederking talks with Beth Donchai, a Brescia student, Dianne, local small business owner, Pascale Cantin, Neighbourhood Support Services, South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre, about food security.They discuss how COVID has accentuated gender inequality gaps around housing, education, gender-based violence and food security.They look at the future of what's possible where can we go as a city and as a community to ensure that post-COVID is not just a return to normal, but an opportunity to see real systemic change.There are approximately 4.4 million people who suffer from food insecurity in Canada, and that's expected to rise potentially two times that in the year ahead.

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