From Holocaust survivor to public speaker on the power of giving up hate


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My friend Maggie highly recommended that I somehow find Mr. Elly Gotz for RESILIENT PEOPLE. Her daughter attended one of his infamous school presentations. My son also heard Elly speak at his school. Until the pandemic started in 2020, Elly Gotz was doing over 100 speaking engagements a year - and at the time he was 92 YO!

Not only is he a public speaker, but also an author, engineer, business owner, pilot, a husband for more than 60 years and he recently added skydiver to his list of accomplishments - and there are many more! Elly’s presentations on living through the Holocaust and his message of giving up hate to find happiness leaves such an impact on all attendees - teachers and students as well as audiences everywhere young and old. I wanted to learn more about how he found resilience to move beyond the Holocaust, his message to others and where he gets this amazing energy to constantly challenge himself.

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