Conquering fears of aging and finding resilience through community


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Elizabeth Verwey had a major shift in her life when she was 56. Her husband whom she had known since she was 17 and married when she was 19 had decided that he wanted out of their seemingly happy marriage. She found herself as a single mom and faced her fear of being alone. I met Elizabeth, pre-pandemic, in her apartment in Toronto where she shared her story with me.

Even as a successful and award-winning business mentor to many clients, Elizabeth found herself having a fear of being alone in her mid 50s. She made a list of all of the things that she feared and decided to tackle them one by one. What she discovered was that it was exciting to do things on her own and she learned a lot about herself. She also started a speaker series called Spoken Lives where like minded women gather together to listen to an empowering speaker share their story of adventure, success and what they learned along the way. Now these events have been taken online and they are just as motivating.

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