Jason Fiorotto & The Tory Day Fund on finding resilience by fundraising for cancer patients


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In a group of friends, it’s not often when some start to date each other. It might be even less likely that they get married. But when it does happen, it’s one of the most beautiful things to witness. This is what happened between my friends Jason Fiorotto and Tory Butler. I had just had my second baby in 2002 when I got a call from him letting me know that they were engaged. Married life and a beautiful daughter Kate followed along with summer days at the cottage - their beloved getaway.

Things took a turn for the worse in 2016 when Tory discovered that she had advanced breast cancer. In March 2017, just months after her diagnosis, Tory passed away. Although heartbroken from her passing, Jason was committed to an idea they had hatched together. To start a fundraiser to help others living with breast cancer. It was that purpose that helped him move forward along with those around him.

Jason shared with me how his purpose helped to build his resilience to continue to be a great father to Kate, continue Tory's legacy and bring comfort to other cancer patients.

To learn more visit The Tory Day Fund at www.toryday.org or on socials @torydayfund.

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