Triple amputee Morgan Frey on demonstrating resilience by leading a normal life


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Morgan Frey is a young woman from Toronto who grew up like most kids. Going to camp, dance and skating lessons - she was also drawn to the theatre and decided to pursue a career as a writer - even mounting her own show in the prestigious Toronto Fringe Festival.

Morgan is also a triple amputee but she hasn’t let that stand in the way of going after her dreams. I sat down with Morgan, pre-pandemic, to talk about what it was like to grow up with such unique challenges, and how a person’s limits shouldn’t stop them from realizing their abilities. The word that sticks out in my mind with Morgan is the word “try”. You will notice that she has no excuses when it comes to trying anything new. She has lived her life with the resolve that anything is possible if you “just try”. She blogs about her experiences and has written them into storylines to normalize the idea of people living with physical challenges.

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