Three brands at a time: Shane Vitaly Foran on marketing to consumer archetypes


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What do you get when a rock and roll backpacker and pilot-slash-poker-player start a jewelry business? The results are out-of-this-world unique. Shane Vitaly Foran is the founder and CEO of Compound Studio, a company that has dreamed up three incredible brands. With their focus on jewelry and accessories that cater to specific consumer archetypes, Shane and team have successfully spun up brands in different universes.

Bootstrapped from day one, the company took their flagship line Vitaly through a journey of apparel pop ups and wholesale before settling on a more scoped jewelry collection that you won’t find anywhere else. Listen in to hear Shane share how the team ignores industry traditions in favor of customer trends, why they discontinued Vitaly’s popular clothing line, and how he would teach a course on Marketing 101.

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