ADV 5.17.21: George Lincoln Rockwell on Reconquest of the Earth, Pt 3


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IN A FEW MOMENTS, I will present part three, the final part, of George Lincoln Rockwell’s In Hoc Signo Vinces — in audio form for the first time as read by our own Vanessa Neubauer. But first let us consider the Nature-based political creed of National Socialism, which embraces the masculine spirit — one full and necessary half of human nature and the place it must have in our society. America’s abandonment, and the West’s general abandonment, of Nature’s laws and lessons, is illustrated by a recent US Army recruiting film — and, in comparison, the relatively healthy vision of their own military class is illustrated by army recruiting films put out at roughly the same time by Communist China and post-Communist Russia; and not only in the obvious sense that it is men who must sacrifice and go into battle if necessary for the nation, but also in a racial sense. As the most Jewish-influenced society on Earth save for parasitic Israel, America is much further down the suicidal and genocidal road of multiracialism. Watch these brief films, which I’ll embed in the text version of this broadcast on, and tell me if you can stop yourself from saying “God help us” at the end. G: ResolutionRDO & KevinStrom TG: ResolutionRDO Support Resolution RADIO. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising! M.O. to Sonny Thomas or well concealed cash to P.O. Box 27 Springboro, Ohio 45066

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