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Studying to the Test

  • Intro
  • Welcome
  • No nag this time
  • Mobile in the Studio
  • More mobile install to come... Later
  • I was getting clubs to send me a copy of their newsletter
  • The Ground Wire Tyler TX club
  • Studying to the Test
    • Don't learn it memorize it
    • Not a new approach
    • Been that way since I was licensed
    • Novice was pretty easy
    • Been messin with electronics since I was a kid
    • Radios, Electronics, computers. Oh, my.
    • I knew a little about propagation
    • We used to take the test, get our license and learn from there
    • With the codeless license we feel down on Elmering
    • "I need another antenna because the one I have doesn't have enough SWR?"
    • We couldn't keep up because of the influx of new operators
    • It would be neat to be a ham
    • First time renewal comes along their gone
    • Don't hide. Elmer
    • The folks that complain about the new guys. Came in the same way.
    • This hobby is about Elmering
    • Moaning about the good old days of amateur radio
    • We are having a hard time competing with Cell Phones
    • Nothing wrong with studying to the test, if you don't stop there
    • We got rid of the code, what now?
    • The people that said they would never use Morse code are all down on HF doing code
    • Thank you Tyler amateur radio club
    • Elmer, Elmer, Elmer
    • These guys are not Lids
    • They just need some Elmering

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