Episode 226 - Kelley Gray, "The Enneagram and Marriage, Part 1”


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A relationship will never ever improve or thrive on autopilot.” - Kelley Gray
On the next two episodes of Restoring the Soul, we’re going to feature the first two parts of a 5-part series of conversations with Kelley Gray, our resident expert on the Enneagram. Michael and Kelley will unpack how the Enneagram can strengthen your marriage or intimate relationship.
The Enneagram isn’t a new phenomenon. Depending on who you ask, its earliest iterations were either in the 1950s or the 1910s, though there are some experts who say versions of it can be found in the writings of fourth-century Christian mystics (and there are some who trace its roots all the way back to ancient Egypt). But it is a phenomenon, and it has gained new popularity in recent years, particularly among Christian circles.
On this episode, listen closely as Michael and Kelley describe how you can become an expert in knowing your partner or spouse, how they’re wired, what they think about, what they do with their emotions, and understand what’s difficult in their life.
To become an expert in someone else means you need to know yourself first. All good marriage and relationship work has to begin with good individual work. I know you’re going to learn a ton in this episode and you’re not going to want to miss any parts of this series of podcasts whose goal is to open up brand new pathways for intimacy and connectedness.

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