Retail Rundown: Amazon, Walmart and the Case for Headless Commerce - with Faisal Masud & Jeff Roster


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In this episode, we spoke with guests Faisal Masud, chief executive officer of Fabric, a headless e-commerce startup, and Jeff Roster, chairman of the Retail Advisory Board at Apptricity and the former vice president of strategy at IHL Group. We spoke about Amazon's revenue growth during the pandemic as well as the rise of headless commerce and how it can help retailers level the playing field with Amazon. Before Fabric, Faisal was the CTO of Staples, COO of Alphabet's drone division Wing, and helped create AmazonBasics. Jeff is also the co-host of the This Week in Innovation Podcast. We've got the scoop—and more—on today's episode. - - - - - - Hosted by Julia Raymond Hare Produced by Gabriella Bock Edited by Trenton Waller Social Media by Madison Freeland

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