Retail Rundown: TikTok, Gen Z and the Future of Influencer Marketing - with GRIN's Brandon Brown


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Does your brand need a Chief TikTok Officer? Many retailers have been catching on to the TikTok craze, with some brands even hiring special teams to whip out viral campaigns. Late last month, toymaker Nerf announced that it would be hiring a Chief TikTok Officer to create new ways to connect with the TikTok community On today's episode, we spoke with Brandon Brown, CEO of GRIN, an influencer marketing platform that helps DTC brands build and manage influencer relationships on social platforms including TikTok. You'll hear what Brandon thinks of Nerf's new "CTO" role and his key tips for running viral influencer campaigns. We've got the scoop—and more—on today's episode. - - - - - - Hosted by Julia Raymond Hare Produced by Gabriella Bock Edited by Trenton Waller

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