Episode 235: Retro Gaming Revelry - Ep. 235 - Donkey Kong Country 3 part 1


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This week Jurek and Earl once again take control of everyone's favorite primate family as they play Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble on the Super Nintendo! Despite the terribly long and tongue twistery title, this game is super fun! As one of the last games released for the SNES, this game has all the bells and whistles! It looks great, sounds great, and most of all, plays great! The guys manage to beat the first world, but they just couldn't get enough of this game so they will be back with part 2 next week! They also field a Reveler requested discussion question. Come have a drink with us! Cheers! NOTE: This episode was recorded on Friday January 1st, 2021. We're a couple weeks behind on releasing episodes, so apologies for that, Revelers! We'll get back on track one of these days! Thanks for listening!

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