Retro Gaming Revelry - Ep. 170 - Mario's Time Machine


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It's been another 10 episodes so it's time for another Mario game! This time the guys once again get their edu-tainment on as they play Mario's Time Machine on the SNES! While not your standard Mario game, it's actually not too bad! There is a lot of reading involved, but that's to be expected if you want to learn! Despite being a game for younger kids, the guys actually have some fun with this one! Come have a drink with us! Cheers! NOTE: I was mistaken about the last episode, and this one was actually recorded on August 24th, 2019 (Ep. 169 was recorded on August 17th, 2019). So again, apologies if anything we're talking about isn't too current! Thanks for listening, Revelers! ~Earl

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