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HostsOld_World_GamerandSixsevsairisreturn for a new podcast still with the focus of Retro Gaming and Indie Gaming. Live at Sunday evening at 7PM EST, Covering game news in Retro, Indie and Modern and we will be featuring Kickstarters and New Retro & Indie Games, weekly soundtrack, Best of Steam,, and helping devs whenever possible.Old World Gamer will dive into his Steam Queue every week to try and find exciting and interesting games which is always a fun gamble. OWG will also provide news regarding new Retro and Indie Games and discuss game trailers so that viewers/listeners can find some of the best games from some incredible Indie Developers. At the end of the podcast, OWG will deliver new Kickstarters which can lead to some of the best games we ever find and in return we get to help out Indie Developers by backing them.Sixsevsairis will be selecting a new Weekly Soundtrack, providing us with retro news and modern retro electronics, and a spotlight on a game that has captured his interest. AT the beginning of every podcast, Six will provide us with a new soundtrack from a game as we hold gaming music dear to us, this will also fill the background while he provides us his material for the week. Six will also bring us various retro and indie news that he finds interesting and destroying our wallets by showing us new electronics and goodies that we all WANT! At the end of his segment, Six will try and bring us a new game every week to feature as a spotlight, something he finds interesting and wishes everyone to check out and consider.We are always looking for suggestions for new segments and material to add to the podcast, also happy to help Indie Devs get their games on the podcast, feel free to contact us via DM or Twitter. Also, Game Music Composers, we would be ecstatic to review material. We will also be looking to do some minor interviews whenever possible and showcase anything that would be important to a Retro Gamer. We welcome anyone to contact us in regards to Retro or Indie gaming material.Feel free to join our Discord for updates:

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