Chrono Cross 14: Dancing on Fairy Corpses [Water Dragon Isle (Home)]


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Welcome son of man, now come to me. Today we’re assuming ourselves bound by fate, getting the plot on track, acquiring our depressed doctor, defining shot, encouraging brother fights, riding lilly pads, killing all the dwarves again, deliberately letting Rosetta die and live, admiring and also destroying the dwarf tank, not using the dragon platform, and finding a link to Lucca. Wilt thou change the world, or wilt thou change thyself?

01:03 Intro | 02:54 Guldove (Another World)| 15:13 Chris stops by Termina | 17:09 Opassa Beach | 17:40 #AD | 18:20 Water Dragon Isle (Home World) | 27:20 Dwarf Genocide Study Questions | 30:40 Encounter with the Water Dragon | 33:40 Fairy Debrief | 34:49 Serge and Kid, Silent Confessions | 41:53 Real Net | 42:40 Outro

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