The MIT Age Lab and the Workplace of the Future


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In episode 38 of Revamping Retirement, Jennifer Doss and Scott Matheson are joined by John Diehl, director of applied insights at Hartford Funds on behalf of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Age Lab. The Age Lab is a multidisciplinary research program that works with businesses, nonprofits, and the government to understand the challenges and opportunities of longevity and emerging generational lifestyles. Its work is focused on driving innovation and practical solutions that improve the quality of life for older people.

John shares the Age Lab’s latest research on how shifting demographics, technology innovations, and new employee expectations are shaping the workplace of the future. With the Great Resignation and tight labor market top of mind for many employers, John explains why understanding employees and their life-stages is essential to designing benefits that attract and retain talent. He digs into what the future is female means for employers and how companies can leverage an aging population’s desire to stay involved to help retain business critical expertise—and why flexibility may be the answer to both.

Later, Jennifer and Scott discuss the impact of the challenging labor market on retirement plan design. The two recap our latest webinar on the topic, discuss recent plan design and employee benefit trends, and share key plan sponsor takeaways.

In Minute with Mike, Mike Webb reflects on the definition of compensation in retirement plans—which is one of the leading causes of operational errors.

To learn more about the MIT Age Lab, click here.

To watch the webinar recording, click here.

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