Creating Memorable Marketing Content With Brad Schlachter of Simpler Media Group


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Brad Schlachter is a digital marketer, advisor, and strategist for entertainment, media, and tech organizations. In addition to working as an independent consultant, he is the Head of Growth and Engagement at Simpler Media Group. His areas of expertise include traditional branding and performance marketing, particularly in new technology and media. He concurrently works as an advisor for the San Francisco Symphony, Audiosocket, and RTRN Strategy. Brad started his career working for some of the largest names in entertainment, including Disney, Microsoft, and MLB.

In this episode…

So much marketing content goes unnoticed by the average person. The goal is always to make something that lingers in the minds of consumers, but how often does that actually happen? Creating memorable media is difficult, but some people have found their niche and are conquering the obstacles.

Brad Schlachter is a digital marketer who has worked for companies from Disney to Hallmark Labs to MotorTrend and more. He has led various teams and campaigns to great success, now working with Simpler Media Group to offer his expertise to even more brands. His methods have been sharpened across his career, and now he’s here to share what works in marketing.

In this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast, our host Alex Gluz speaks with Brad Schlachter, the Head of Growth and Engagement at Simpler Media Group, to find out what makes successful digital marketing. They talk about what separates good and great content and break down some of Brad’s past projects. They also touch on the keys to building an effective revenue engine for smaller businesses and budgets. Stay tuned for all this and more!

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