Finding The Right Team and The Right Metrics For Business Success With Chris Grey of CapLinked


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Chris Grey is an accomplished investor and the Co-founder and COO of CapLinked. His company provides secure virtual data rooms to help clients manage documents, perform due diligence, and handle contract negotiations. For over 10 years, he has managed over a billion dollars through his investments.

Recently, Chris co-founded a blockchain company called TransitNet, which helps firms better manage their crypto funds. In addition to this, he is the Author of Life Hacks: Simple Steps To A Healthier Life and also writes articles on Medium.

In this episode…

There seems to be an endless supply of tech startups these days. With so many entrepreneurs believing they have the next great service or app, how do you stand out? The bar has been raised almost impossibly high, and companies need more funding and guidance than ever. Because of this, the best investors are entrepreneurs themselves, having experienced both sides of the process.

Chris Grey is a perfect embodiment of that idea, having handled over a billion dollars in private equity and started multiple companies. He has an impressive resume — but more importantly, he has put in the time to help other startups thrive. His specialization is in technology, so he knows better than anyone how to take tech brands to the next level.

Alex Gluz sits down with Chris Grey, the Co-founder and COO of CapLinked, in this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast to discuss tech startups and what they need to excel. Together, they talk about funding and how to best utilize resources. They also go over Chris’ background in private equity, his experiences in the tech field, and why focusing on the right metrics is crucial to success. Listen in to hear all of this and more!

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