How to Strategically Grow and Market a Business with Jacques Botbol of Verbit


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Jacques Botbol is an international marketer with an engineer’s mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. He is currently the VP of Marketing at Verbit, an innovative transcription and captioning solution with a guarantee of 99% accuracy. Jacques also has experience as the Head of Marketing and Strategy at Panorama Software and as a leader in the Business Development department at TIGI. He received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

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Businesses don’t grow by accident. Any thriving company is the result of hard work, vision, and great marketing. More specifically, it takes the right strategy to make those three elements work as they should. Developing a comprehensive and effective strategy isn’t simple, leaving few people who have the skills to turn potential into reality. If anyone fills that criteria, it’s Jacques Botbol.

Jacques is a marketing leader for Verbit, helping the company grow and scale within a short period of time. His background in business development and engineering helps him create strategies that others may not consider. With a successful track record, he shares some of his insights with you.

Alex Gluz brings on Jacques Botbol, the VP of Marketing at Verbit, to discuss digital marketing and strategy. The two dive into topics such as choosing a vertical, adapting an acquisition strategy, and creating the right messaging. They also touch on Jacques’ career and the mentors who helped him along the way. Hear all of this and more on the Revenue Engine Podcast.

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