On losing everything to the climate crisis except for hope—w/ Diego Saez-Gil of Pachama


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“Life does not subtract things; it liberates you from them.
It makes you lighter so that you can fly higher and reach the fullness.”

--Facundo Cabral

Losing your home to a forest fire is a lesson in impermanence and nonattachment. And while Diego Saez-Gil is still processing the loss, he is using the experience as a catalyst, reaffirming his commitment to the pursuit of climate solutions.

Diego is the founder and CEO of Pachama, a tech company that leverages AI to drive carbon capture and validate the progress of forest restoration projects for carbon markets, and author of the Medium article, "On Losing Everything to the Climate Crisis, Except for Hope." On this bonus episode of the podcast, Diego joins Ross to discuss how losing his home to a forest fire has given him renewed energy around his work and made him more of a minimalist than ever before.

Diego explains how both climate change and poor forest management practices are to blame for 2020’s devastating forest fires, speaking to the permanence issues surrounding ecological methods of sequestering carbon and how carbon markets can make reforestation for carbon sequestration economically viable. Listen in for insight on the success of Pachama’s recent fundraising efforts and learn how you can help protect our global forests by joining Diego’s team.

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