The Email That Changed My Life


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Basecamp probably wouldn't exist today if not for an email that David Heinemeier Hansson sent Jason Fried in 2001. That correspondence was the beginning of a partnership that produced Basecamp, several books, and most recently HEY, the company's new email service. This episode is our love letter to email. Hear from David and Jason, as well as other artists, writers, and founders about the emails that changed their lives.
Show Notes
HEY - 00:11
Our episodes on how HEY was
...conceived - 00:15
...designed - 00:16
...branded - 00:17
...launched - 00:18
Jason Fried on Twitter | DHH on Twitter - 1:06
The 37signals manifesto - 1:35
Signal v. Noise - 1:58
Saya Hillman on Twitter | Instagram - 4:53
Saya's company, Mac & Cheese Productions - 4:57
Rick Cosgrove - 8:50
Agency EA - 8:54
Samsung Developer Conference - 9:12
Julie Wernau on Twitter - 11:41
Mike McGee on Twitter - 16:26 - 16:32
Neal Sáles-Griffin on Twitter - 16:37
Mike recounted the story of founding Code Academy (later renamed The Starter League) in a series on Medium. Here's Part 1 - 17:58
Nate Otto's website | Instagram - 20:13
Goose Island Born + Raised - 21:28
The mural Nate painted for one of Warby Parker's Chicago stores - 22:32
Liz Fosslien's website | the book she co-authored and illustrated, No Hard Feelings - 23:09
Our episode featuring Liz and her co-author, Mollie West Duffy - 23:13

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