Episode #83: Portia Louder-"I Wanted to Become an Amazing Person"


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In This Episode:
Tyler and Mike check in with Portia Louder (Episode #56 "No Matter What") to get an update on her life and the latest happenings in the Louder family. Portia has recently written a book, "Living Louder", that tells her story of lessons learned from her time spent in federal prison. Portia shares her book-writing journey and goes deeper on some topics that are perfect for this time of year, including:

  • Living a simple life
  • Knowing who we are and our worth
  • Seeing the best in people

The result is an electric interview with someone who is gifted to bring out the best in others. Portia is a reminder that "our time is our blessing" so pull up a chair and give her a few minutes. You'll be richer for it.

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