Blocked a Hookup? + Britney Update, Peleton Recall, Gaga Copied, Deter Returns, Janet Mock Flips, Ellen Canceled by Covid


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Our listeners share stories about hookups they had to block! + Shoutout to Dannys Marrero for this week's sex topic. UPFRONT: After guilty verdict in George Floyd case, Ohio attempting to pass laws preventing citizens from recording cops. Peloton recalls over 150k treadmills after injuries and death. CELEBRITY SHADE: Prince Phillip’s cause of death. Kaotica / Chromatica rip-off. Joe Rogan still a steroid-fulled toxic asshole. Just so typically May meme replaces ...that other one. Dexter returns this fall. Elliot Page talks to Oprah for Disney+, Janet Mock drama, Disney reopens in Cali. Snow White ride. Five arrested in Lady Gaga dog walker scheme. Little Mix news. Academy swept away the homeless from union station to award a film called Nomadland, a film about homelessness. Ellen DeGeneres tested positive for Covid and put her show on hold until the new year. Sharon Osbourne has Covid. NERD NEWS: X-Reads podcast next week! Sexy Cosplayers LIVE with us - only on Patreon!!! ^^^ GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON! ^^^ Connect with us on social: @RichyAndWes | Twitter | Insta | Follow us on Facebook *** Product Codes: Use code WES25 and save 25% at | Use Code RichyAndWes to get a dollar off and free shipping on the Skin Slipper product applicator - a safer, smarter skin care device | boiPKG - Use code RICHWEST35 for 35 percent off | PookiePots Use code RICHYANDWES for 15 percent off ***

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