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Ever Hooked Up with a Delivery Person? Listener stories! Special thanks to @hyrule_commander! TOPICS: KY Krispy Kreme Lube isn’t a real product. Vanessa Hudgens has stans. Britney is FREE! Adele is making music for her generation. Whitney vs Taylor. Kim Kardashian helped 130 Afghan woman escape Kabul. Gaga’s accent in House of Gucci. JK Rowling is still a TERF cunt. Spider-Man No Way Home trailer actually looks good. DC fans still want to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. Nubia and the Amazons comic. | GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, MERCH AND FIRST ACCESS TO VIDEO PODCASTS AT Patreon/RichyAndWes ^^^ Connect with us everywhere: @RichyAndWes *** Product Codes: Perfect Jean - Use code WES25 to get 25-percent off | Skin Slipper - Use Code RichyAndWes to get a dollar off and free shipping | boiPKG - Use code RICHWEST35 for 35 percent off | PookiePots - Use code RICHYANDWES for 15 percent off

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