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Riding Shotgun With Charlie#105Dave WorkmanSecond Amendment Journalist

Dave Workman’s first words to me were “You’re a horrible model.” It was at GRPC 2017 in Dallas. I was only into the firearm community for a year. I was modeling and IWB and an ankle for the concealed carry fashion show. I went to a table, hiked up my pant leg, and showed off the ankle holster. Someone put a one dollar bill into my holster and I left the table. Dave snapped a picture and then said those ‘famous’ words to me.

Dave has been a journalist covering hunting, firearms, and freedoms for years. He’s been writing for decades for publications like The Gun Mag, American Handgun Insider Online, Conservative Firing Line, Liberty Park Press, Ammoland, The Northwest Sportsman, and the CCRBKA, among others. He earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Washington, and ran a weekly newspaper after college. The great aspect about Dave’s writing is that he wants to get the story out and he knows the story isn’t about him or his views. With his writing, he’s able to relate to folks in ways the others do not relate.

About 20 years ago, he moved over to writing for the Second Amendment Foundation, under Joe Tartaro, as the Senior Editor at Gun Week. Dave has an admiration of Joe for the way read everything with a microscope as an amazing newsman and editor. We also cover how he’s able to spot a bum story on social media, which he called me out for recently. We talk about how the media coverage isn’t really up to snuff especially if you don’t agree with them. Dave has no problem calling people on their facata stories.

We get into how the anti-gun folks and the media are working to take over the language. The terms that they use get into our lexicon and language, and then everyone starts using them, even though they aren’t correct or even close. Dave has a story about how a newspaper got a photo of a Smith & Wesson firearm but called it a Ruger. And he said this happens often.

Dave also tells us that he used to photograph car accidents for the police. That has been something that has impacted him personally. One of the toughest jobs is dealing with accident clean ups, which is why Dave says to folks “Drive safe” as he says goodbye to folks.

Talking with Dave, you realize that he really does hold the profession of journalism to a high level and expectation. He’s got an amazing resume of writing for decades for several outlets. Dave gives us the perspective from gun ownership and wants to give that in his writing. He emphasised that he takes a different angle for each publication he writes for and doesn’t recycle a story for each outlet.

It was really educational to have Dave in the shotgun seat to talk to the man who writes lots of great content.

Favorite quotes.

“In Seattle, the people would like to stifle opinions they do not agree with.”

“I’ve never claimed to be a gun rights advocate. I’m a journalist.”

“We’ve been through a year of insanity with this COVID thing. People want to escape that and the best way to do that is to get outside.”

“I’m not the story. The story is what I’m writing about.”

“I’m as fast with a keyboard as I am with a six gun. Keep that in perspective.”

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