Christmas For Us - Romans 8:28-39


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When we're young, Christmas captures our affection and anticipation with a sense of wonder and awe. The season builds and builds, and we look forward to all of the joy it promises to bring. We often are convinced that a single gift could change our world. It may be something so simple to adult eyes and minds, but to a child, it seems to make all things right. What if we could enter this Christmas with the same sense of childlike wonder of yore? What if we could really receive a single gift that could change our worlds? As adults, we're well aware of what's wrong in the world, and even more burdened by what's wrong in our world. What if Christmas could offer us a solution and bring peace to our chaos and uncertainty? As children we are primed to believe that Christmas can actually make the impossible a reality. Something in us wants to believe that this is true for every season and scenario in life. What if Christmas does indeed offer us this gift? The true message of Christmas is one of Good News of Great Joy For All People. The Bible and the Christian message in general remind us that Christmas means that God is now with us. And if God is with us, then He is for us. On Christmas, God took our side and vowed to save us from our greatest enemies. Christmas is a forever proclamation that unto us a Savior has come, who promises peace and purpose no matter what.

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