God Who?: El Roi - Genesis 16


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The Bible is full of stories and accounts that paint a cohesive and complete picture of God. Genesis 16 should not be overlooked in our quest to know God and make Him known. It features Abraham and Sarah trying to come to terms with God's will, and shows how Hagar suffered as a result of their mishandling and manipulation. On both sides, we find people searching for affirmation and validation, and coming up empty. Most unfortunate is Hagar's story, as she was exiled for no fault of her own. Hagar is a stand-in for us all, shown at the end of her rope in disbelief and hurt. God chooses to shine His light on Hagar's heart, and sends a powerful message to every outcast, oppressed, and lost soul to come. Her encounter in the desert is one that we can all experience, because we serve the same God: The God who hears, sees, and loves us all.

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