The Church: Mega Movement - Acts 2


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When the Church began there were no traditions or styles, there wasn't even a finished Bible, and there were no professional worship bands. When it all started on that Pentecost Sunday around 30 AD, the Church in its original form was a movement. The Church was designated by Jesus Christ as The Movement of God that would change the whole world. It would be a movement of God through His people. As He moved, His people would move, and more people would be moved. Today the Church comes in all different sizes, shapes and sounds. However, regardless of those details, the only thing that matters is this one burning question: Are we still God's movement? Of course, God is still moving, but are we? Are we allowing Him to move through us? In this vital message about the Church's opening day, we consider these questions and more. May today's Church remember its beginning and stay true to its identity until Kingdom come.

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