War on Christmas - Revelation 12


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Every generation of believers wrestles with a similar fear: "Is this the end?" No, not the end of days, but the end of our faith. We feel encroached and oppressed by secular society. We wonder about the Church's longevity. We worry about Christianity and its influence being on the ropes. These rumors and whispers of Christianity's demise are completely unfounded. Satan loves to accuse God's people with lies and to see us walk back in fear. He loves to see us forfeit the joy, peace, confidence and security of our faith for pessimism and dread. He loves to see us fight battles against the people for which Christmas is meant to save. Since the very first Christmas, Satan has been trying to stop the Good News from being spread. However, all his minions have ever done is spur Jesus' movement all the more. God declared war on Satan 2000 years ago, when he attempted to kill the newborn Jesus. On the cross, Satan was defeated and the war came to an end. This Christmas, may God's people celebrate our victory with boldness and confidence. May we herald the Good News that is for all people. May we live in and extend the peace and salvation that is found in Christ, which can be unwrapped by everyone today.

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