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Real estate is fun and rewarding, but success in this game is no walk in the park, so it is of utmost importance to have a mindset of unshakeable positivity. Chris Salerno has achieved some remarkable things in a short space of time and today we talk to him about what they are and the role of mindset in his success. Our chat begins with an introduction to Chris, his journey into real estate, and how he realized that multifamily was the niche for him. He talks about excelling quickly in his first job and then going on to start CQ Capital which now has over $55 million and 500 units under management. Chris gives us the lowdown about the markets and asset classes he focuses on and his efficient method of vetting deals to stay afloat in the competitive niche he has chosen. He also shares a few golden nuggets for how to plan and set deadlines to ensure that time gets used as efficiently as possible. In the next part of our conversation, we ask Chris about the habits he practices and the resources he consults to keep operating on such a high level. Here he drills down on the absolute necessity of taking care of the mind by meditating, thinking positively, and doing what you love! For a conversation packed with actionable tips from Chris today, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Chris and his impressive growth in the real estate space.
  • Why Chris loves multifamily and a window into the assets CQ Capital has under management.
  • The different markets and asset classes Chris focuses on and why.
  • Strategies Chris uses to stay afloat in such competitive markets.
  • The passion Chris feels about competing in this competitive market.
  • The importance of mindset for Chris and habits he uses to stay so energetic.
  • How to nurture and nourish your mind and use it to grow your business and success.
  • Shifting to a mindset of positivity and how this brings in opportunities.
  • How Chris prepares for his busy schedule by factoring in downtime with family.
  • The value of intentionality and planning ahead for being more efficient and productive.
  • Squeezing the most out of meetings and projects by setting time limits and deadlines.
  • Why the most important question investors should ask sponsors is about collections.
  • Pride Chris felt when he realized he was good at learning after finding real estate.
  • Why Chris recommends Think and Grow Rich and Mistakes Millionaires Make.
  • Final words from Chris about the main key to success.
  • How to get hold of Chris and learn more about QC Capital!

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