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Making your first steps in multifamily can be daunting. By equipping yourself with the right knowledge, you can build your success with confidence. Today we speak to Anthony Vicino, a best-selling author, former professional athlete, and serial entrepreneur who is committed to helping people maximize their return on life. In this episode, Anthony opens up his multifamily playbook to share his best tips and advice for aspiring investors. To kick things off, Anthony tells us about his professional background and how he first got involved in real estate. After hearing about his varied history as a pro athlete and science-fiction author, Anthony tells us how his ADHD supplied the foundations to his success. Following this, we hear about what frightens investors most, and what they can do to mitigate their fears. He touches on the wealth of opportunity that real estate provides, and helps boil down its nuances to simple concepts. Later in the show, we go into detail about Anthony’s company, Invictus Capital. We find out what their purpose is in real estate, as well as how they fulfill their aim to provide positive experiences for residents and investors alike. We also uncover how Invictus Capital adds value to its properties, as Anthony shares helpful company ideologies, like, “a dollar saved is worth more than a dollar earned.” Wrapping up the show, we ask Anthony about his keys to success. He tells us about the most influential books he’s read, what you should ask your sponsor before every deal, and much more. Join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Anthony Vicino, and his mission in multifamily.
  • Anthony shares how he first got involved in real estate.
  • How Anthony’s ADHD affected his choices early on in life.
  • Hear about Anthoney’s varied professional life before he came into real estate.
  • The moment when Anthony realized that real estate was the best way he could help others.
  • Here about what frightens investors most, according to Anthony.
  • Some of the ways Antony helps people take their first steps in real estate.
  • Anthony shares more information on Invictus Capital and its position in real estate.
  • How Invictus Capital adds value to its properties.
  • Hear more on the Twin Cities market.
  • Some of the ways Invictus Capital is sharing knowledge through marketing.
  • Join us for our Keys to Success segment.

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