Episode 181- DBIR 2019: So, are we doomed yet?


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Verizon has published their "Data Breach Investigations Report" for some time now and with the news of data leaks, ransomware attacks and more of that kind of horror dominating much of the technology conversation, we gratefully borrow this report to dedicate a full episode on this subject. As ever, we never shy away from deviating form the subject a little (or a lot) but this time we did try to keep close to the subject matter. If you're in any way connected to cyber security, and honestly, everybody in the tech world should be, you owe it to yourself to download the DBIR or, even better, listen to this episode! You can download the full report, or an executive summary directly from the Verizon website. Here direct links to the DBIR pdf and executive summary. And kudos to Verizon for not putting this document behind a "leave you email here" or other form of "paywall"! Just click the "view only" button if you prefer not to share your details! Please use the Contact Form on this blog or our twitter feed to send us your questions, or to suggest future episode topics you would like us to cover.

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