Episode 61: Rob's Hip Hop Corner's Roses While They're Here Vol 24 - The Substantial Tribute Episode


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1) Hate on Me 2) Invisible Man 2 (remix) 3) Black of All Trades 4) Home Sweet Home 5) Tony Stanza ft.Tonedeff & Marcus D 6) Party With Purpose ft. Steph the Sapphic Songstres 7) Late Pass ft. Von Pea 8) Resilient 9) Visualize the Unseen 10) Follow the Master 11) Be Ready (Unofficial Remix) 12) Substance 13) Shit on my Lawn ft. DJ GI Joe 14) Be People 15) Let’s Do It ft. Flo Brown 16) Mr. Consistent 17) Made in Maryland ft. Steph the Sapphic Songstress & DJ Jav 18) My Favorite Things ft. Steph 19) While They Sleep ft. Stephanie Gayle 20) Make Up Sex ft. Deacon The Villain (DTV Remix) 21) Lasting Impression ft. Wayna 22) No Turning Back 2.0 ft. Uyama Hiroto 23) A Few Tips from Squeegie Twitter: @robhiphopcorner IG: @robhiphopcorner Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/boombostic313 Mixcloud : http://www.mixcloud.com/boombostic/

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