Episode 70: Rob's Hip Hop Corner's Roses While They're Here Vol 26 - The Sa-Roc Tribute Episode


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1) I Come In Peace


3) Fire, Wind, Then Earth

4) The Moors of Alhambra

5) Litlith’s Psalm

6) Supernova

7) The Fall ft. Michelle Taylor

8) Reconstruction of the Heart

9) The Who ft. David Banner

10) Assassin’s Sound

11) The Tower

12) Black Moses

13) Queen Ting

14) Lord of the Forest

15) Sun Tzu

16) Valley Of the Queen (remix)

17) Indigo Child ft. Drea d’Nur

18) Maximum Frequency

19) WWII

20) The Holy Tablets ft. Wise Intelligent

21) Persian Slender

22) Holy El

23) The Difference ft. Dynasty

24) What It’s Worth

25) Lost Sunz

26) Star of Siam (remix)

27) My Grandsun

28) Shadows Approaching

29) End of the World
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