Episode 86: Rob's Hip Hop Corner's Roses While They're Here Vol 29 - The Earthgang Tribute Episode


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1) Wednesday

2) Who They Tryna Be

3) Momma’s Calling

4) The state of Things

5) Top Down

6) That Jeezy Sh1t

7) Nothing But the Best ft. Ari Lennox

8) Fire Kicking Tree Limbs

9) Blue Moon

10) The Hum Song Remix

11) Phone Keys Wallet (etc)

12) LaLa Challenge

13) Wings

14) Cocktail

15) Lighters

16) Ween Sh1t ft. Christoph

17) Trippin’

18) Build

19) DJesus is Black

20) Simba

21) No Peace

22) Proud of U

23) Miss The Show
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