Rob's Hip Hop Corner Roses While They're Here Vol 15 - The Add-2 Tribute Podcast


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1) Sorry Kanye but This Verse is Better 2) The Almighty Add-2 3) Big Bad Wolf 4) Instrospective of a Young Black Male 5) Stop.Play.Rewind ft. Rapsody 6) Iron Mic 7) Git Yo Hand Out My Pockets 8) Set It Off 9) The Glorious 10) Kool Aid ft. Rapsody & Sam Trump 11) NobodyIKnow 12) Club Church Club Hell 13) Good Mourning Black America ft. Sam Trump & Johndavid Provitt 14) Don’t Go 15) Underdog 16) Nggalude 17) Back in the Day ft. Brittney Carter, Oliv Blu, & Phonte 18) Cotton Fields 19) One Missed Call 20) Week Shit 21) The Ugly Side Of Beautiful ft. GQ 22) Leave A Message Twitter: @robhiphopcorner IG: @robhiphopcorner Facebook : Spotify : Mixcloud : Podomatic :

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