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This week Rocio and Mercedes speak with Sherazade Garcia, a Dominican Visual Artist about her family history, influences on her artwork, and how we are all connected as human beings.

Scherezade Garcia is an interdisciplinary visual artist born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and based in New York. In her work, she addresses contemporary allegories of history and processes of colonization and politics, which frequently evoke memories of faraway home and the hopes and dreams that accompany planting roots in a new land. By engaging collective and ancestral memory in her public intervention and studio-based practice, she examines quasi-mythical portraits of migration and cultural colonization.

Her fascination with the social human experience since the “discovery” of America and its multifarious results is an endless source of inspiration and an essential part of my discourse. This fascination has led her to such themes as the causes and consequences of migration, the mestizo and barroquism as consequences of colonization, the inversion of traditional beliefs of salvation, and the questioning of religious and social uses of the notion of paradise. She creates my allegorical narratives by appropriating and transforming symbols and objects that have included life jackets, inner tubes, suitcases, mattresses, tents, umbrellas, religious icons, and newspaper clippings.

In this episode, we mention one of her paintings “La Muleta Blond” which can be found on her website
IG: scherezadegarcia
Twitter: scherezade_art

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